What’s New?

Just IMAGINE. A LEAPS’ program for kids at home. Our inspiration – The intersections between ART and NATURE.

We’re generating a new investigation each week. Each one gives kids a chance to explore art while soaking up new perspectives from the natural world.

Discoveries: Yet to be seen.  Materials: Accessible to everyone.

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Day 1  Fantastical Feathers to create an original feather

Day 2  Up in the Air to form an imaginary wing

Day 3  A Bird’s Eye View to design a bird’s eye view of your bedroom

Day 4 The Art of Hovering to draw a flower from above

Positivity abounds when we take new perspectives. Just for a moment, see what’s upor down, from an eagle’s “eye view.” We’ve included two short films so that you can imagine the world differently.


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