The Spreading of a Wing





“My turn shall also come: I sense the spreading of a wing.”~ Osip Mandelstam

Dear Friends and Families,
Sandy started the morning with a caterpillar poem, reading, “Under this loop of honeysuckle…” Everyone listened closely. “He likes being under the honeysuckle.” “He feels like he’s going to die, instead of turning into a butterfly that has wings.” “Butterflies probably start to grow their wings when they’re in their chrysalis.”

Knowing that it’s not just caterpillars that can’t make predictions, Sandy asked the children, “Do you know what’s going to happen in your future?” One thing was for sure, and one child called it. “When I think of our future, I think we’re going to grow!” 
There was a lot to do on this next to last morning of LEAPS of IMAGINATION. Alexis reminded us that for the next two days, we’d be “thinking and learning” about our artwork. 

Two groups shared their collagraphs, anIMG_9902d classmates had good questions.

IMG_9905Some continued their animal alphabets, filling their brains with images of tapirs, elephants and seahorses. Photographs on the screen helped children create creatures in their journals. What a delight to witness these young artists’ talents.

The true transformation came when kids took the brayer and began spreading the ink. Having covered the raised places, they sandwiched their plate into the press. Next came the stomping so the ink would fully adhere to the paper. And VOILA! Their imaginary beasts came to life. Check out the ferret and mountain lion below!IMG_9971


Art is the wing on which children’s imaginations take flight! We are privileged to be on this lofty journey with them.

Nancy, Alexis, Sandy, and Lizzie


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