Love the Moment: Young Artists in the Limelight


IMG_9384“Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.” ~ Corita Kent

Dear Friends and Families,

There was joy in the air as second graders bounded into the library to view their art on display, just down the road from Cushing Community School. As if discovering their work anew, kids talked about process and problems, surprises and successes.

Reflecting on their collaborations, they revealed just how their ideas had evolved.

Guests couldn’t miss the level of children’s investment. They commented, “The work is amazing! The process seems very intense and advanced! I love every piece.”  “I am amazed at the quality of the artwork and students’ interpretation of their art.”


“My daughter and all the kids were very into everything! They talked about it and how much they learned!” “It was fantastic!”

IMG_9345As for our team of LEAPS of IMAGINATION artists, we marvel at how art impacts children – their delight in combining, connecting, and inventing. Today we saw kids bring just as much fervor to the analysis of their work as they did to creating it in the first place. In the limelight, before an audience of admiring adults, they gave voice to their ideas. These children see themselves as artists and deep thinkers. They value the beauty of art in their midst. And they have so much to say about it.

We look forward to next year, when we’ll be working with both second and third graders at Cushing Community School.

With enormous appreciation for the warm welcome we received from the school and the library staff,

Nancy, Alexis, Sandy, Sarah, Susan, and Lizzie


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