The Courage to LEARN

“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.” ~ Louisa May Alcott

IMG_9871Dear Friends and Families,

What does it take to dive into something that you’ve never before experienced, head first? After three weeks of LEAPS of IMAGINATION, no doubt, second graders at Lura Libby School could tell you.

IMG_9864 (1)With the chance to combine new techniques for making art, partner up with a peer, and delve into assorted animal books, kids are learning a whole lot. Today, after a day of completing collages, reading about and drawing creatures, they had much to say. Here’s a taste of it.


IMG_9893” I learned how to cut out pieces of cloth. I used the tips of the scissors.”

“I learned that jelly fish actually need to stay in water 95% of the time.”

IMG_9894 (1)

“I learned that a blue whale is the biggest whale in the world.” “I learned how to cut out an orca.” “I learned a lot of stuff about new animals.” “I learned that it’s kind of a lot of work to do collages!” “I learned that friendship is really good. People haven’t figured it out sometimes.”

“I learned that a giant squid’s big eye is 15 inches across.” “I learned that now I know how to draw very well!


“I learned that a lot of people are really good drawers.”

Having created realistic and heretofore unimaginable beasts, kids shared drawings, a story, and some of their Big Ideas. We found out that some animals had made new friends, like a ferret and a mountain lion. That two bunnies had fallen asleep in a barn. And that animals with very different attributes can morph into one kid-designed body. For the first time we brought out laptops so that if kids weren’t familiar with an animal (like an albatross), they could find an image on line.

With so much to learn, students had the confidence to ask for help and the courage to open themselves up to an occasional rocky ride. When we circled up at the end of the day, it was evident to all that kids were learning how to sail their ships.
¬†We’ll be seeing everyone after vacation, Nancy, Alexis, Sandy, and Lizzie

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