Slowing down to Make Art

“Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help.” ~ May Sarton

Dear Friends and Families,

With animals on their minds, kids are figuring out which ones to focus on for their next project. Everyone drew their favorites in their journals this morning, to help them prioritize. They made sharks and snakes, owls and eels, lions and leopards. A collection of books was available so that students could begin their research. “Research helps you find stuff in books!” one child reminded her peers.


When the time came to make decisions, some kids felt challenged. Working with partners requires patience and humility. How would they reach a compromise when choosing just one animal or habitat to represent?



Today was also a day to begin the printing process. Kids worked as teammates. Together they learned to use a brayer and cautiously applied ink to their plates. Different quantities of ink produced vastly different results.┬áKids saw their animals’ attributes (they are: furry, scaly, bumpy, smooth, and more) leap from the page. There was a genuine sense of pride that emerged as they removed their prints from the press.

Children are learning just as much about themselves as they are about animals. In LEAPS of IMAGINATION we ask them to push their thinking and affirm their identities, putting their ideas on paper and explaining them to the peers. All of this takes slowing down and lots of patience. This is just what kids are experiencing.

IMG_9682As teachers and artists, we are excited to see both kids and their compositions develop over the next few weeks.

Nancy, Alexis,  Sarah (in for Sandy today) and Lizzie


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