Knowing the Place for the First Time

“We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. ~ T.S. Eliot

IMG_0042Dear Friends and Families, Kids were filled with ideas as we read the book, How to Heal a Broken Wing, first thing this morning. In the story, only a child, amidst a sea of busy adults, noticed an injured bird on a bustling city street. Second graders were perceptive and articulate. “I see lots of skyscrapers.” “The boy is small, so he was much closer to the ground.” “That illustration is from a bird’s perspective.” Several children shared personal stories about a similar rescue. Nearly everyone had a suggestion about how to make the world a better place for animals. “Plant trees.” “Don’t litter.” And much, much more.

Exploring ideas, becoming familiar with new animals, and experiencing the printing process were our goals for our final day of LEAPS. Children zeroed in on the finer points. They applied important skills like observing, inferring, and synthesizing. Some wrote stories, to further explain their prints.



From journals and collagraphs, animals leapt off the page.


In just four weeks’ time, children discovered a lot about themselves as students and artists:

“I love collagraphs!”  “I noticed that I’m a real artist!” “I discovered new animals!” “I discovered new ideas.” “I didn’t know that I could draw a picture of my body.” “I realized that it was not easy to make art.” “I can make things that I couldn’t do before.” “I discovered that I am good at making orcas.” “I discovered that I could work hard.” “I can draw blue whales.” “I am a true artist.” “I can imagine!” “I am creative!”

At the end of our exploration one boy’s comment said it all, “In LEAPS we take our imaginations to a different level!”IMG_0023We are planning an art show, so look for the “when” and “where” of the June student exhibition!  A BIG THANK YOU to Mrs. Brewster and Mrs. Bassett, exceptional teachers who have completed their third year with the LEAPS team!

With gratitude to the Lura Libby School community, Nancy, Alexis, Sandy, and Lizzie







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