Collaborating for the Fun of It

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious—the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”
~ Albert Einstein
Dear Families and Friends,
“Yesterday was spontaneous, and today is about research that will lead to art making,” Alexis explained to second graders first thing this morning. One child was quick to define spontaneous – “When you just go ahead!” Spontaneity was what kids experienced on day one of LEAPS. Day two would present a plethora of new challenges.
IMG_8853Teamwork is a word that rings true to second graders.They know what it means to work together. We asked them to share their knowledge of ways that animals collaborate, and they described how beavers work as a team. Next, in new pairs, their job was to come to a consensus about which animal to investigate.
Kids looked through books and considered their favorites. At the end of the day, when they reflected on the experiences, they were impressively articulate.
“It’s hard to plan a big piece of art with another person.”  “It was hard to choose what animal we wanted to do.”
“Before you make your animal, you’re a little grumpy. Then it starts to get better!”
“I discovered that being patient and waiting for a friend is really good.”
“I’m not sure how it was for other people, but it was fun for me.”  “It felt really good.”  “I discovered that it’s fun to be a teammate.”IMG_8852 (1)
It was a day of decision making. It was a day to embark on journals; each day kids will write and draw in them.
It was a day to notice what happens when a plate goes into the printing press. It was a day in which kids expanded their vocabularies. (We added “collaborate,” “research,” “attribute,” “texture,” “hypothesize,” and “brayer,” to our list.)
Combining art and science, in the context of collaboration and camaraderie, is making real sense to second graders. And they are creating beauty by adding the two together.
Looking forward to next week, IMG_8897
Nancy, Alexis, Susan, Sarah, and Sandy
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